Software Providing Parental Control review

Dear Amy
I've heard that somehow you have the ability to control how your children use the PC. I'm especially interested in monitoring their online activity. After searching for some time I found hundreds of Parental Control programs. Is there particular software you can recommend?
-Francis, New Jersey, NY

Parental ControlThat question is among the most frequently asked questions I receive. You're right, there exist hundreds and thousands pieces of software specializing on Parental Control. Their functionality varies from just reporting kids' activities to ability of blocking certain sites and setting other restrictions.
The following are my personal favorites with brief descriptions:
SpectorSoft suite is an ideal choice for parents who are not quite computer savvy. It provides predefined plans providing different levels of control. There are many positive reviews on this software. The one of those follows:

"SpecotrSoft proved to be the ADVANCED suite that allows monitoring email inbox and outbox, chat messages and other online activity on your home PC. It NOTIFIES YOU IMMEDIATELY by forwarding that information to your e-mail. You won't miss your kid’s misbehavior or danger that comes out of Internet. Program features Keystroke Logger that can alert you in real time if there's something that requires your attention. The Intelligence system incorporated in this software analyzes PC activity and decides if the parent must be in CONSENT of it."

PC Tattletale. Comparing to other software in this review, this one is the most feature-rich. Its functionality is not limited to solely monitoring. It can keep your child from any malevolent activity based on keywords, behavior patterns or time of being online.
This software, I mean PC Tattletale, is unmatched in its branch. It provides the most advanced means for Parental Control and Online Monitoring. An exclusive "Stealth Technology" makes sure that PC Tattletale is completely transparent to the user (kid). Any Instant Message conversation gets immediately recorded, including both sides of chat. Another useful feature is Capturing Screenshots of the user’s activity, and letting you playback them later by just pressing PLAY button. And there's much more…"

Safe Eyes. This parental control suite is known for being involved in media campaigns related to Internet Security and Safety.

"The features included in Parental Control module of Safe Eyes software:
1. Content Controls – Make the lists of allowed and disallowed websites, or keywords that will be blocked on any site.
2. Program Controls – Monitor peer-to-peer file transfers, Instant Messengers, and other potentially harmful online software on your PC.
3. Time Controls – Set the schedule when the internet is available for your children, and the periods of time they can spend online.
4. Log of Usage – Maintain and view logs of tools and programs your kid used online, websites he or she visited, and online conversations.
5. Immediate Alerts – Instantly receive notification via e-mail, SMS, or phone call at the time your kid visits inappropriate Internet location."