CyberPatrol Overview

CyberPatrol is an easy-to-use and effective internet filtering software that can protect your kids from accessing the sites they should not see but still allowing them to benefit from having an access to the internet. It is quite flexible for meeting most users' needs, as it can not only block the sites of pre-defined categories, but also allow you to choose what sites can be allowed or blocked.

CyberPatrolNevertheless, it was found that CyberPatrol doesn't have some advanced features that should be included in the top rated web filter software packages. It doesn't allow to administer the program remotely and cannot send real-time alerts or activity reports by email. Though it protects from cyberbullying by blocking words and expressions frequently used by predators of such type, it does not sends alerts in respect of such activity.

However, CyberPatrol can offer some features, which are rarely found in competing web filtering software programs. It is able to limit time the user allowed to spend both on internet and on different programs, like PC based games, for example. Similar to many other competing programs, it also can restrict the usage of computer programs as well.

This program doesn't provide a wide variety of features, but has almost all essential tools to filter, manage and monitor the internet effectively.

CyberPatrol will help you to keep your kids from accessing inappropriate sites and protect sites them from online predators and cyber bullies. The program allows to block unsuitable words and expressions thus ensuring your children won't release any personal info like your phone number or address.

It is flexible enough to conduct filtering at different levels. It doesn't just block sites, but is also able to effectively filter chat and instant messaging programs, P2P file sharing, and other previously installed software like financial programs and games.

CyberPatrol can impress with its ability to use time limits. That means that each user can get online over a specific time periods that you're allowed to set. The program also allows to regulate different time limits for every day or adjust a weekly time allowance. These time restrictions can be set not only for internet use but also for any PC program software, for example, computer games.

The product also includes good monitoring capabilities and reporting tools. The reports are detailed well and include the duration and time of every page visited. There are also summary reports available for every day or every week.