Review of CyberPatrol

The program helps not just with restricting harmful sites but also with ensuring of appropriate usage of the internet. Settings are customizable, so blocks and time limits can be overridden. Such changes requires a parental password, but this is sometimes beneficial, especially when it is necessary for your kid to spend more time on a big project or view the information that can be blocked otherwise. If your children are old enough, warnings may be better than definitive blocks. The program even allows to specify what sites are blacklisted and should blocked an on the contrary what are whitelisted and always allowed to view.

CyberPatrol is a program that considerably easy in usage. It is easy in navigation and utilization of various tools and function. The product is created as a basic tree structure that is always viewable so the user always knows where he is in the application.

It can be not streamlined and effective as some other interface, but its organization and layout are definitely simple to use and follow.

The easiness of CyberPatrol's usage is pretty much explained by its customizability. The number of user profiles allowed is unlimited and every user may have unique allowances, restrictions and settings. The program filters 14 different categories including chat, adult, violence, gambling and others, and every one of it can be set to 1 of 5 strength levels. You'll face no problems with choosing or changing the desired level as they all come with adjustable and self-explanatory slides.


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