Puresight PC - Thе Internet Filter Software

This internet filter software offers multiple layers of protection. Similar to other programs, PureSight PC allows access to the websites from white list and blocks access to the websites that are blacklisted. These lists are also being taken into account by the databases, which are always up-to-date to provide an effective basis for internet filtering programs. The black and white lists can be easily managed so that parents could add any specific site to it and thus forbid their children to access it.

Though such lists are effective, they are static and cannot identify all existing harmful sites and therefore provide a comprehensive protection in the internet. To fix it Puresight PC has a tool called ACR or Active Content Recognition. It immediately identifies any problem site that wasn't screened for databases and keeps you children safe in real time.

This artificial intelligence is also applied on social networking sites, IMs and chat rooms. Most of the internet filter software programs are able to identify inappropriate words and hide it or notify parents, and this is where PureSight PC is not an exclusion. Its tool called ACI or Active Chat Inspection may identify words or phrases that haven't been added to databases. This is significant, as conversations in the internet are replete with abbreviations, misspellings and acronyms. ACI is able to identify the offending words and to take action based on previously established rules.

Nowadays internet filter software is always popular because of its ability to intercept profanity and sexual terminology, but PureSight PC gives even more consideration to dangerous topics that are common in cyberbullying. This level of protection becomes more and more critical, because the number of cases when schoolyard bullies reached into the home with using the internet has significantly increased over the last few years.


PureSight PC is extremely easy in utilization. It doesn't require any programs installed on your computer, so you can reach its web-based portal and make any adjustments you desire from literally everywhere where the internet is enabled. But the program works well even with no adjustments, as its default settings will satisfy almost everyvody. The only info you should enter is your child's age. Besides easiness of the usage it is also a quite customizable product. Additional restrictions can be simply imposed, and default rules can be simplified if necessary.