Puresight PC - Thе Internet Filter Software - Part 2

Internet filtering software is often criticized for its unintentional ability to slow down the internet connection. But PureSight PC is a cloud-based product, which removes any negative effect on the internet experience.


The program helps not just with restricting harmful sites but also with ensuring of appropriate usage of the internet. Settings are customizable, so blocks and time limits can be overridden. Such changes requires a parental password, but this is sometimes beneficial, especially when it is necessary for your kid to spend more time on a big project or view the information that can be blocked otherwise. If your children are old enough, warnings may be better than definitive blocks. The program even allows to specify what sites are blacklisted and should blocked an on the contrary what are whitelisted and always allowed to view.

Installing PureSight PC is a trifle. First, you need to download the internet file, and then make some basic selections to initially set up the program. It includes creating a family protection profile, which will be applied across the boards. After that profiles with specific protections should be created for kids who are 10 years old or less. You'll find that the default settings may satisfy all of your needs, though adding and removing any restriction for each child is also allowed.


PureSight internet filter doesn't rely on the browser. That is important, as the user should be protected whatever browser he uses. Moreover, the application works at the Winsock level thus making it impossible to thwart it. The program can be uninstalled only by the person who knows the parental password.

PureSight PC takes actions that are completely controlled by its users. There is a most stringent level of control called "block", which completely denies any access to a site and entirely blocks the chat session in IM applications and chat unless parents override it. The option named "conceal" is able to mask specific words and phrases with keeping conversation available for further correspondence. Flagging also does not interrupt the conversation, but reports abuse to the parents with highlighting the questionable content. Finally, if you want just to receive periodic reports of the usage, you can "allow expressions". If periodic reports bring information too slow for you, there is an option to receive alerts instantly.


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