Software Providing Parental Control review

Advanced Parental Control. This Parental Control suite is an example of a user-friendly and easy to use software. It allows setting limits and restrictions for different types of activity.

“Do you have a feeling your children misuse the PC? With the help of Advanced Parental Control software you are capable of supervising their activity at the computer and on the Internet. It can restrict the amount of time that particular user can spend online depending on the day of week. For example, you can set time allowance of no more than 2 hours at working days. The software can also prevent any unwanted website or application to show up (unwanted keywords are predefined and can be extended). APC’s feature called System Restriction Tweaks lets you fine-tune the settings of permissions and restrictions. All child’s activity is recorded and can be reviewed later.”

WebWatcher. The thing I like about this software is that it is minimalistic and does only what it is asked for. It includes various features that are common among similar tools of Parental Control branch.

“We think of WebWatcher as a “Parenting Tool” that is aimed not solely on restricting and intruding the personal life of our children, but primarily on guarding them from dangers that come from the Internet. We don’t want to reduce their freedom, the only goal is to have the ability to react at the right time and explain our kids what may be harmful or misleading.”
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