What should parents do ?

How can I find out if my kid visits a forbidden website?

Look at his actions if you come up to him when he is surfing the Internet. If he becomes anxious and nervously closes the windows can point out that he is hiding something fraud. It can be a sign for you to look for instruments that can detect what sites he visited. You can use a search engine by typing a phrase 'detect pornography'. It can show you if he looked for any forbidden materials. Also you can search for internet monitor to control his activity in the internet.

What should I do when I discovered that he watches pornography?
First of all you should remove computer to a place where you can watch what he is doing. He will be afraid that someone will find out what he is viewing and it will limit his entries to these forbidden sites. Speak with him about the issues that can harm him when he is watching this information. Also remind him about the principles of your family. Let him understand that he will not be appreciated if he does the forbidden things. You can make a list of rules about the use of computer that he has to follow. He should know that he will get punished if he doesn’t comply with them.

Should I show my intention if I want to alert my kid from surfing the forbidden websites?
Nowadays there are a lot of instruments that can avert your child to visit forbidden sites and to download anything from the Internet. You can just type in search engine a phrase 'internet filter'. Some softwares make a report if a site that lifted a red flag was visited. There are some sites that provide a special browser that is oriented for children.

They let you maintain the list of admissible websites and give the access only to the sites that you approved. Also there are browsers that can control who your child is emailing with and can help you create an admissible list of contacts..


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