Review of CYBERsitter parental control software - Main features

The internet filter software we are talking about regularly comes with a set of additional features, enabling you to decide where and what level of protection does your computer need. It has more useful features than any program in the review we made. Most components may be customized, which is simply unavailable in competitors’ software. Among the products we have examined that only this internet filter has built-in email filtering feature, which is very useful nowadays and has proved being effective.

Administrator (or parent, if it is a family computer at home, it all depends upon situation) has privileges to set what type of online content may be viewed and what may not. Programs makes all attempts of unauthorized users to change settings impossible, all actions are logged in a separate file. It will be hardly possible to get around such protection for your kids or regular office workers (without administrator access rights).

Filter from CYBERsitter is an excellent tool for monitoring of internet surfing and restricting access to undesirable websites. Main functionality of program includes creating reports on websites visited (reports in various forms), log all IM conversations and send the data to administrator (or parent) daily via e-mail. This is an essential tool if you want to track what happens on a computer.

You may monitor the activity at the computer remotely – all you need is an active internet connection. Filter settings may also be changed from the other computer via internet. Nowadays control is a necessary measure.
This software program possesses smart filtering it may filter 35 content categories including common and non-common ones (pornography, sex, drugs, or file sharing, social networks, gambling respectively). You have just to select the categories you want to filter – the rest will be done by CYBERsitter.

Also program can scan your hard drive to find any files, which fall under restricted categories. This is a very helpful feature, because undesired content may get on your computer not only through internet, but also via disks, USB flash drives, from LAN, etc. Software will also detect any adware or spyware, which are installed on your computer intentionally or not (some of these programs are not detected and deleted by antivirus solutions).