Review of CYBERsitter parental control software

CYBERsitter is considered a first-rate product. It is made by Solid Oak Software. Maybe its name is not so popular in filter of internet software, but it is rather possible that it will be popular. There are so many capabilities in this program as well as useful features. CYBERsitter is very helpful and useful, permitting several of quirks. It is pretty easy to use. 

CYBERsitter has numerous abilities and options which make the program very good choice for filtering in internet. Without a doubt, the creators of program brought countless real experience to protect kids online of this filter of software programming. You may modify the filtering with more or less any program which has the connection with the internet, inclusive of email accounts and messaging programs.

The most accurate and effective functions of the program are overblocking and underblocking. After testing we found out that this functions are more effective than in the other programs of internet filter software. What is overblocking? Overblocking is the websites which have not to be blocked. What is underblocking? Underblocking is websites which were not blocked, but have to be. CYBERsitter has even unique feature. It is just one program which has basic option of email filtering. There are no programs which can offer such function. They just propose completely block email applications instead of basic option of email filtering.

But the program offers not just these imperative functions. The product feels lack of Net Nanny standards set. In time of filtering sites browser integration united directly with the specific shortfalls. Despite the fact that the difficulties were comparatively insignificant and surely didnít affect much the web surfing experience. Luckily, several simple steps can decrease distractions.


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Review of CYBERsitter parental control software - Main features