Review of Safe Eyes parental control software - Main features

Safe Eyes has a great set of features that extend the product beyond a simple idea of blocking the sites software. For example, it is allowed for any user profile to limit the amount of time the user can be surfing the internet. It is very useful for those who cannot refuse from too much surfing or gaming online. In some cases restricting an access time results in better productivity of the person. Moreover, the program allows to designate any part of the day as allowed or restricted to limit the time of using the internet..

There is also a time management feature which is easy enough to configure. Just select the desirable hours of the day when the person should have an access to the internet. Your kid will be able to visit only safe Internet sites. The schedule is customizable and can limit the overall time of surfing the internet for every user. Safe Eyes also sends regular reports so you could know what sites users had been visiting and what were they talking about in their conversations via IMs. The latter may be useful in case if you worry that your children can be confronted by predators in IMs or in chat rooms.

Web logs for every user can be stored whether a vendor's server or your home computer is being used. You can get these files from any computer with an access to the internet by accessing the centralized servers, and then share it with your friend so he could check on what you are viewing, if you want to.
If a serious problem occurs, you may receive an instant alert when someone wants to access a specific forbidden site. Such alerts may be sent via text message, email or telephone calls, which makes it a real-time information on specific user's activities and useful both to protect him and to enforce your rules.

Nevertheless, Safe Eyes misses few features that can be found in the top-rated products - for instance, it cannot show a warning instead of blocking and doesn't allow immediate override of blocks, thus making it impossible for the administrator to easily cancel any filter with his password. Though such features are not absolutely necessary, they would make a product much more convenient for any user.