CYBERsitter parental control Effective Filtering Processes

CyberPatrolCompared to other similar products, CYBERsitter occupies leading positions in effectiveness. The software provides unbreakable defense against undesired content, only the categories you select to filter, and it won’t block the websites which do not fall under those categories.
One disadvantage of this filter is that it tends to overblock some websites within the selected categories. Most people tend to like it more, when sites are underblocked instead… So, this was an issue to some users.
Not all Internet filtering software programs have a feature of IM and e-mail filtering, which makes CYBERsitter more useful compared to other programs.
Core database, which the program uses may contain inadequate URLs (for example music blog may be written in ‘gambling websites’ category). That is why it is important to have up-to-date filter bases. Big advantage that this program has in comparison to other ones is: it blocks undesirable and offensive pictures even is the text content on a webpage is acceptable.

While filtering e-mail or IM conversations software does not simply block the whole content, it behaves smarter – replaces offensive words or undesired phrases with a blank space.

There is one drawback, which I wish would be improved – if the site is blocked the program should say that it is ‘blocked’ and not display message that ‘page not found’ or display a blank one. 

But some users argue that this in unnecessary, because it is when person thinks his internet surfing is not being filtered. Before using CYBERsitter you will have to decide whether this issue is critical to you or not.