Review of Safe Eyes parental control software - Overview

Safe Eyes is the solution that is able to safely filter the Internet content while you're surfing the Internet. This is a topical problem nowadays, when most of us use multiple computers every day. Safe Eyes is considered to be one of the best programs providing coverage on different computers at one time. This is presumably the reason why many organizations and businesses have started using this product for filtering their internet traffic.

Safe Eyes Parental ControlSafe Eyes makes it possible as it allows users to create profiles and records that determine what particular individuals are allowed to view. The profiles are being kept on the company's own servers, which means you can access it from various computers. Many of the internet filter software programs require to have the restriction settings confined to a specific software installation, but Safe Eyes is not one of it. Though such an approach seems to be appealing, the overall ability to filter the traffic does not measure up to the conventional standards set by CYBERsitter or Net Nanny.

However, such an approach makes it significantly easier to operate with Internet filtering and parental control software settings in terms of a family or business with multiple people involved. But the most important indicator of a good internet filter product is its ability to block offensive sites and overall effectiveness. Safe Eyes shows admirable performance in this area. When you are surfing the internet your site requests are being compared to the company's database, which is always up-to-date to make filtering as effective as it can be. Such an effectiveness of filtering algorithms makes the product set apart from other low-ranked products in the surveys.

The user interface of the product is very user-friendly and clean. It has all the tools needed for protecting children, enforcing time restraints and monitoring their internet activity. The reason why Safe Eyes did not reached the top of internet filter software products is a few minor problems that occurred during its exploitation. What is more significant that it didn't actually perform as well as the top product in the filtering tests. That can be partly explained by different filtering algorithms. It was also found that the programming sometimes slows down the process of browsing when it is processing and determining whether the target site is acceptable or not. This delay in most cases is not noticeable, but if your internet connection is slow, it may become significant, as your navigation requests will have to go to the company's servers and back to you before you'll know whether the particular page is allowed or blocked.

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