Safe Eyes Overview - Usability and Installation

When you end setting up Safe Eyes, you will have an account created on the servers of the company. It can be accessed with any device connected to the internet, therefore allowing to change the settings from anywhere. After you will specify the settings and create a unique name for the profile you've made, you'll find the system to be extremely easy to use.

Each section of the interface has its own help button, which can answer on almost any of your questions and makes the product understandable without reading a manual. This is often appreciated by users, as nobody wants to read a manual for simple troubleshooting and little questions.

Safe Eyes Parental ControlOne of the most noticeable problems is a delay in showing up the site when using Safe Eyes. It appears because when you visit any URL, it must first go through the company's databases so it could be possible to define whether it should be allowed or blocked. Such a request must come back with an answer before the page will be shown, and while the delay in most cases is negligible, in case of the slow internet connection it will be much more frustrating.

The process of installation and setting up is pretty simple and reveals no problems. Creating the names for all profiles and managing it trough the web interface cannot be more intuitive.


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